OGS IP Switch Installation Guide

The new OGS IP Switch converts the 3rd gen Prius’ stock shifter into a button activated module. This allows simple operation for changing gears from Drive, Neutral, Reverse and Brake. Retailing for $248 and exclusive to More-Japan is the left hand drive model (buttons are switched to accommodate for the left side driver). Here is a step by step on how to install the IP Switch.

Here is the stock shifter mechanism on the 3rd gen Prius.

Pull out the center console surrounding the shifter. It will pop out with a little force, but don’t pull too hard because…

…The electrical connectors for the shifter and the center console buttons need to be disconnected.

Next pull off the larger console piece to give better access to the three bolts that need to be taken out.

One bolt on the top side and two bolts on the bottom side.

Make sure all connectors are disconnected and the shifter can be pulled out. The IP Switch does not need to be bolted in, so keep your original shifter and bolts in a safe place.

Reinstall the larger console piece…

And then the smaller console piece.

The center console piece has button operation so don’t forget to reconnect the electrical components before reinstalling it.

Now with the console pieces back in place the IP Switch can be installed. It simply plugs into this electrical connector and placed onto the hole where the OEM shifter used to be.

The OGS IP Switch is a plug-and-play device. No calibration or set up is needed to start using it.

Now you can enjoy a minimalist look and feel while driving your Prius! Look at these videos below for the installation video and color customization guide!


OGS IP Switch $248 Now $198!


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