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Tesla’s Next-Gen Roadster

Tesla’s continued quest for EV car dominance makes an announcement via a referral program for their upcoming next gen roadster. If you are a current Tesla owner and you refer 5 people to purchase a Tesla  you will receive 10% off the price but according to the wording, it seems like for every 5 additional …

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New! Hyper Rev #215 for Mazda MX-5 Roadster!

The latest Hyper Rev for the new Mazda MX-5 Roadster has just been published! Our First Shipment is coming in Mid February 2017 so order yours now! Don’t forget these are magazines so they are only printed for a limited time before the publisher starts working on the next one! More Japan: Hyper Rev #215, …

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ND Roadster on Formula Mesh

With the release of the new ND Chassis Mazda Miata, we’re seeing a lot of cool renderings of possible builds for these cars. I think the car looks great and this rendering done by Jon Sibal looks fantastic! The Formula Mesh wheels flow great with the car and gives it a nostalgic look, mixing a …

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Mazda Miata Hyper Rev Magazines

New Hyper Rev #149 Mazda Miata has arrived… Also previous issues are available at www.more-japan.com Collect one or collect them all.