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Bridr A.i.R. Bucket Seat

Another look at the new Bride A.i.R. Bucket seat. This seat was made with a neo slipstream design and also made to fit into smaller cars such as Miata, S2000 and RX-7.  Available in Black and Red, These will fit mount standard size side mounted seat rails. Check the site for more info! More Japan: …

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New Seat! Bride A.I.R. Bucket Seat!

Bride Japan has released a new fixed back bucket seat with a compact design that will be able to accomodate most 2 seaters cars that have limited space such as Miata, FD3S and S2000. The Bride A.i.R. has unique design cues that are inspired by flow and it’s unique monocoque shell has increased body rigidity …

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Bride Japan Seats

Bride Japan offers many options for your automotive seating needs. Whether it’s a racing bucket seat, reclining bucket hybrid or a more comfortable reclining seat in suede or leather, Bride had you covered. Check More-Japan for more info!


Nobody Likes a Dirty Bride

Bride seats looking a little dingy? Keep those Bride seats clean with their new cleaning product!!! Available now on More Japan here!!!


Edirb 023 Reclining Bucket Seat

Edirb is Bride Japan’s Premium seat line which features leather instead of the traditional fabric and a carbon fiber shell instead of a carbon kevlar or FRP shell. The seat that is comparable to one of Bride’s Flagship seats (Stradia II) is the Edirb 023. This is a reclining bucket seat that will hold you …

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Bride Vios III Reims

Looking for a bucket seat but want something a little differrent? Bride offers their VIOS III LowMax seat in a “REIMS” version which utilized suede instead of the standard fabric. The other unique feature about the VIOS III REIMS is that the fabric covers even the backing of the seat instead of leaving the exposed …

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Customize Your Interior With Authentic Bride Fabric

Chances are, you have seen a car with custom Bride interior, perhaps the door panel inserts, rear seats, even the headliner was reupholstered in the iconic Bride pattern. Many people are discouraged with the idea of having to special order the fabric from Japan, and wonder if it is attainable at all – well we …

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BrideJapan Seat Diagrams

Having a hard time deciphering the difference between each BrideJapan Racing Seat? Well hopefully these charts will be helpful in helping you choose the right seat for you. Keep in mind BrideJapan makes a wide selection of seats so the one you are looking for may not be listed. It’s also important to note that …

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Bride’s Trueno

Today we take a closer look at a timeless build; Kuniaki Konishi’s Bride Trueno. Full article & photos: Speedhunters.com SSR Wheels: SSR-Wheels.com BrideJapan: More-Japan.com