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Moonface Roll Center Adjusters, Arms & Adapters

If you’re a car person and get a new car or new used car, what’s usually the first thing we do to them? We lower them? Seeing that unsightly monstrous wheel gap is loathed more than the taste of drinking orange just right after brushing your teeth. Yes we see the lowered ride height but …

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SSR Wheels Size Chart for Professor Wheels

Have you guys had trouble understanding the offset chart for the SSR Multi-piece wheels (Professor Series)? Here’s a little explanation to clear the smoke a little. We will use the 18″ Professor SP3 offset chart for as an example. -The numbers in the red outlined box is the lip size. So all of the widths/offsets …

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How To Measure A Wheel’s Bolt Pattern

Come across a set of wheels and not sure what bolt pattern they are? Here’s how you can measure the bolt pattern in a few steps. If the number of holes is even, measure the center of one hole to the center of the directly across from the first one that you measured. If the …

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Will Nagisa Auto Seat Rails Fit My Bucket Seat?

When installing a bucket seat on your car, finding a proper seat rail is very important. With many manufacturers offering various styles of seats and sizes, offering a seat rail to fit your application can be tricky. Nagisa Auto offers a side mounted option that will fit most standard size buckets. With a mounting width …

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Are your springs installed correctly?

Pictured is the Tanabe DF210 Springs 1990-1994 for LS400 (UCF10). Make note that the springs are always installed right-side up. For the front springs notice how the DF210 logo is right-side up and the part number is printed on the spring itself. In order to determine whether the springs are for the spring or rear …

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Tanabe Strut Tower Bar

The strut tower bar (or tower brace) is arguably one of the least expensive upgrades that can provide a very high degree of benefit that is felt immediately after installing. Often one of the first modifications performed on a vehicle, the strut tower brace improves handling and stability of a vehicle.



When placing an order for SSR multi-piece wheels, it is important to understand the different disk types. We’ve previously discussed before how the different disk helps to allow brake clearance on the back pad of the wheel. For example, smaller brakes would use Super Low (SL) or Normal (NR) disk to clear and bigger brakes …

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Don’t Damage Your Coilovers!

Here are some examples of damage that may seem small but comes with major damage. Often times, metal tools like vise grips or channel locks are used to hold the piston shaft when assembling a coilover. This can put small scratches/gashes in the shaft itself. As the damper compresses and decompresses, it’ll prematurely wear out …

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Installation of Nagisa Auto Gacchiri Support for Civic EK

Cody from RennSpec recently installed some Nagisa Auto Gacchiri Supports (Fender Braces) on his Honda Civic EK and was nice enough to send us some images of the install and do a small write up for us. He had another brand’s fender brace installed previously but mentioned that it didn’t fit well and required drilling …

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SSR Wheels Disk Variations

Understanding Disk Variations. What do we mean by, what sized disk? Answer: On a multi-piece wheel, disk sizing takes precedence over offset sizing. Depending on your brake profile, it would determine which disk you would need to clear your brakes. In turn, it would determine your offset options as well as the lip size of …

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