Moonface Roll Center Adjusters, Arms & Adapters

If you’re a car person and get a new car or new used car, what’s usually the first thing we do to them? We lower them? Seeing that unsightly monstrous wheel gap is loathed more than the taste of drinking orange just right after brushing your teeth. Yes we see the lowered ride height but we don’t always think about how this effects the rest of the car’s suspension. Installing some sort of roll center correction so that the suspension geometry is reverted back to the factory setting in which the correct roll center has been set.

For an in depth explanation of Roll Center, please check the write up from TheCarTech.com

Moonface Racing offers a variety of Roll Center Adjusters, Adapters and Arms to correct the roll center after lowering the car. Too see what is available, please check More Japan here.

Here are some examples of different types of Roll Center Adjusters

mfr s15

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