Meanwhile on tour with Chris Forsberg

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Image from Chris Forsberg Racing Facebook page

With the final round of Formula Drift 2014 season just a few weeks away, SSR-sponsored pro drift driver Chris Forsberg recollects on his best moments on a show he has been hosting this past year called Garage Tours, where he travels around the country visiting the most radical and unique garages that have become well known in their craft. If you haven’t seen the series yet, it is a joy to see the lengths that these shops go through to create amazing builds. Check it out!



If you’re in the G35 community, especially the G35 Sedan, you’ve heard about this event before. Mainly geared towards Gs, makes of all kinds are welcome! Event is tomorrow Saturday 9/20 and starts at 10am. Even is at Tanabe USA, 1849 Western Way Torrance, CA  90501gtg6 gallery pic


Hyper Rev Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ, Book 1, 2, 3, & 4 collect them all

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Currently there are total of 4 Volumes (Books) of the Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ, it looks like there is a pattern to when they are published.  Start your collection or complete your collection today order or pre-order yours now.

Hyper Rev Volume# 169, Book#1: Published 01/31/2013 (arrived and in stock)
Hyper Rev Volume# 173, Book#2: Published 07/31/2013 (out of stock, re-stock arriving 09/23/14)
Hyper Rev Volume# 178, Book#3: Published 01/31/2014 (arrived and in stock)
Hyper Rev Volume# 183, Book#4: Pulbished 07/31/2014 (arriving 09/23/14 to the USA)





New Product: Tanabe NF210 Springs for 2014 Nissan Versa Note

Application: 2014 Nissan Versa Note
Product Name: Tanabe NF210 Springs
Part Number: TNF174
MSRP: $230.00




Road to the Formula Drift 2014 Finals

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Image from Chris Forsberg Racing Facebook page (photo by Larry Chen)

This past weekend was the Formula Drift event in Texas, and with the season coming to an end real soon tensions rise & battles become more furious as all competitors struggle to get closer to Chris Forsberg’s championship point lead. Even as SSR-sponsored driver Chris came in at 4th place he still is able to maintain the top position for the 2014 season. Going into the final round in Irwindale, CA, he will be a good spot to win the Formula D championship! Join us on October 11 when we will be having a booth and support Chris with the best of luck to be the season victor!





Mark Aquino’s Evo X is no stranger in the Evo community. He always uses the best parts so as to not comprise the quality of his build It seems as though every time I see it, the car takes on another personality. He previously had a set of Professor SP3s on the car in a beautiful custom bronze finish but this year, he changed it up to the new SSR GTV02 in flat black. This give the car a much more aggressive look but looks great as well! Thanks to Mark and Kevin from KC Image for the pictures! Check out KC Image’s site hereDSC5627 gallery picBCUZ Read the rest of this entry »


Tanabe Revel VLS Gauge installed on Mitsubishi EVO8

REVEL VLS Gauges, Boost, A/F, and Oil Pressure installed by BK Industries in Idaho.

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2014 Big SoCal Euro Coverage

Check out our 2014 Big SoCal Euro Coverage held in San Diego!

Overall it was a great event. I actually attend this event a couple years ago and the turnout this year was insane! It was a sea of cars of all makes and models. The weather was perfect and the people were amazing, nobody trying to get attention by acting disrespectful. There was the drag strip for those who wanted to go fast, food trucks if you were hungry, and even free water (if you found the vendor giving them out)! If you wanted just to stop by, the general parking lot was free and there was no admission fee as it’s basically one huge meet but with raffle prizes!

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Celebrating 25 years of the Mazda Miata MX-5

It is no doubt that the biggest news coming from the annual Mazda Miata gathering as Mazda’s Laguna Seca raceway was the unveiling of the new 2016 Miata MX-5, but the big celebration was commemorating the 25 year history of the Miata heritage. Known to be the most popular sports convertible that is a joy to drive, the Miata has had many updates through the generations that continue to pursue the idea of a lightweight & agile sports car. The past weekend at Laguna Seca, a select hundred or so Miata’s joined together for an epic group shot like no other:

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Picture from Miatas at MRLS Facebook page


2016 Miata MX-5 Thoughts?

So I’m sure many of you have seen images of the new Miata MX-5. Some love it, some hate it. I for one really like the styling and am hoping that they put a peppy motor in it. How about a 180hp N/A standard and the 2.3 Turbo motor from the Mazdaspeed3 in as an option?miata1 gallery pic Read the rest of this entry »

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