Feature: Infiniti Q50 on SSR Professor MS1

For this week’s feature we take a closer look at this clean Infiniti Q50 on Professor MS1.

SSR Wheels Gallery: Infiniti Q50 on Professor MS1
SSR Wheels: Professor MS1

Q50 MS1 01 FRONT 1 1024x682 gallery pic

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Nagisa Auto’s Nissan R34

If you are a big fan of the Nissan Skylines, odds are you’ve probably seen or heard of this car. It is a 750hp beast of a car that was putting down 56-second laps around Tsukuba’s TC2000 Circuit in 2008. Now while that may sound slow to some of you Gran Turismo players, keep in mind that that’s a little over a mile (with a lot of corners) in under a minute and anything under a minute is incredibly fast.
r34 02 1280 768 gallery picBut this car isn’t just some fast hunk of metal.. It’s actually a fast hunk of carbon fiber. The fenders, side skirts, and dashboard are made of dry carbon by M.Speed and the front bumper is a carbon kevlar piece made by C-West. The hood, trunk, and doors are also dry carbon, made in-house, by Nagisa Auto.image 1 gallery picNotice it also sports a set of (now discontinued) SSR Type C wheels. But these aren’t your every day wheel sizes. This GT-R uses large 18x11j wheels with a 15mm offset. image1 gallery picThere’s even some love for More-Japan! Perhaps because we offer most of Nagisa’s parts on our website? We also have the Ueo Style parts made by Nagisa!
Available here:



Also, if you haven’t noticed, there is a Tanabe sticker, meaning it has a couple of Tanabe parts on there…

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R&D Cars Still Needed!!

Tanabe USA is looking for some cars for R&D(must be located in the Southern California area and willing to leave the car for a few days.) CAR MUST BE STOCK! For more Details, check here

Lexus RC350 (RWD and AWD)
2013 Lexus GS350 F-Sport AWD
2014 Lexus IS350 and IS250 AWD (Base and F-Sport)
2014 Lexus IS350 Non F-Sport RWD
2013+ Lexus LS460 (non factory air suspension)
Infiniti Q60 AWD and IPL
Infiniti Q50 Sport RWD and Q50 AWD
Infiniti Q70 Any
Acrua TLX
Prius Plug-in


DSC 1124 gallery pic

Cat Tax
cheen gallery pic


Throwback Thursday!

For this week’s Throwback Thursday I bring you an awesome car from the past, but yet from the present. It is a 1989 Nissan Skyline GTS-T 4-door. This car was liveried to match its period correct 2-door racing counterpart from the 90s and moves around with 15×8.5/15×7.5 SSR MK-I2uq2gzr 1 gallery pic

d25385f80e72852608ee2f0d7dd1a1d6 gallery picBelieve it or not, this build is only 2 years old! The build is most likely continuing right now in Australia! And that makes this car just too good..33e89d053dee0c68581e72067ce13deb gallery pic

0025fc3b17ed116a980e6f33e69000e7 gallery picWho knew that a R32 could pull off 15 inch wheels so well?
But enough with the exterior, let’s see what lies inside…
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Featured Product: Medalion Touring for Lexus IS350 F-Sport RWD

The new Tanabe Medalion Touring exhaust system for Lexus IS350 F-Sport RWD has now arrived and is available to purchase through an authorized Tanabe dealer. Utilizing the same manufacturing processes and construction that has made the Medalion Touring the best in elegant performance systems, the T70177A axle-back exhaust for the IS350 F-Sport RWD is feature-filled including Advantex internal packing to optimize the deep tone while retaining high flow characteristics and highest grade SUS304 stainless steel, and many more! Get yours now!IMG 4449 gallery pic IMG 4450 gallery pic IMG 4451 gallery pic IMG 4454 gallery pic




Tanabe Winter R&D 2015 Day 2 Highlights

Check out some of the items that were tested for our second day of R&D testing.

Be sure to follow our LIVE feed on Tanabe.com/RND and Instagram.com/TanabeUSA

HONDA FIT EXHAUST 05 1024x680 gallery pic
Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust on 2015 Honda Fit

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D Squad’s AE86

For those familiar with the Club4ag forum, the screen name LongGrain should ring a bell. It is the pseudonym of a certain Ryan McClure from the midwest drifting scene. If you aren’t familiar with the forum, then you might remember his car from a Final Bout event coverage article or two. His 1986 Toyota Corolla was the only one on the track! Not only that, but it was the only AE86 with a Toyota 3SGE BEAMS engine!

ebb8e738f8d3fbdc6462ae68910e9be6 gallery picC01C02D9 11E0 4D5B A346 F7D69978E19A zpsal7gqham gallery pic

Personally, I love the simple looking style on this 86. No side skirt, an OEM rear bumper, and a Good Line front bumper. Throw in a TRD or Run Free wing and some rear flares, and it makes for a very 90′s Japanese drift car style and boy does it work well. But the fiberglass bits aren’t the only thing that really make this car look good…

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Get Shanked!!!

Have a set of SSR MKI, II or IIIs? Notice how there is no Taper where the lug nut hole is? This is because these wheels do not use a 60 degree tapered lug nut but a Shank type lug nut. These are flat on the bottom or a 90 degree seat and also require a washer when mounted on a car. This style lug nut can be pretty hard to come by but SSR offers Shank Type Lug nuts at a reasonable price so it won’t hurt your wallet.

Shank type lug nuts can be ordered on More Japan. When ordering, please make sure you’re choosing the right thread  pitch (M12x1.25 or M12x1.5) and also note the PCD of your car since the included washer is different depending on the PCD.

 gallery pic

SSR Shank Type lug nut for SSR MKI, MKII and MKIII



I’d like to dedicate this Throwback Thursday to yellow, one of the coolest car colors of all time. I mean sure, red is racing, but yellow… yellow is something else. It grabs your attention and makes a racing icon out of that car. So of course this won’t be all writing. I plan on showing you SOME of the best yellow liveries of all time.

For starters (and in no particular order): The RE-AMEMIYA Aspara Drink JGTC Mazda FD3S. I mean you can’t not love this car. It’s wide, it has a 4 rotor engine, and it’s yellow. It’s superb!

006 gallery pic

Continuing on, we have another famous livery amongst car folk; Jun Auto. Wether it’s another TC2000 time attack monster or if it’s the Stream Z, we all know a Jun Auto car when we see one.
JUN AUTO gallery pic

These cars are so awesome that any person (into cars or not) who has played any of the Gran Turismo games will know what they are. But here are some of the less “video game popular” cars…

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Revel VLS Gauges on More-Japan

Revel VLS gauges are available to order on More-Japan! These gauges offer accurate read outs on vital components (boost/vacuum pressure, oil pressure, oil temp / water temp, and air-fuel ratio) and with an OLED screen it is easy to see the display from any viewing angle whether it is daytime or nighttime! All of the gauges except for the wideband A/F gauge are daisy chain accessible which makes installation simple and uncluttered!



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