Formula Drift 2016!

Who’s ready for this year’s Formula Drift season? We’re excited as to watch Chris Forsberg chase is 4th consecutive overall podium! As on of the most consistent drivers in Formula Drift history, we’re rooting him on through his quest for his third Formula Drift overall championship! Round one is on April 8th and 9th in Long Beach!

Did you know that Chris Forsberg has the most Match wins (157) and the most Podiums (27) in Formula Drift history?

Chris Forsberg 370zHere’s my favorite shot of Chris in his 2015 370Z setup featuring SSR GT-F01 Forged wheels. Photo by @DarkCard Photography


Tanabe Sustec Underbrace for FRS/BRZ

Did you know that Tanabe offers a front underbrace for the FRS/BRZ platforms that can be installed with the factory underpanel? Many underbraces on the market require removal of that underpanel which can leaves parts of your undercarriage exposed to more dirt and debris than it originally would.

This item is actually currently on the More Japan outlet at a great price! Click here for more info on it and to see the other great deals on the More Japan outlet right now!

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MJTV: FIC Racing 5mm Hub Ring Spacers

In this episode we take a quick look at the FIC Racing 5mm Hub Ring Spacer!

Combining both purposes of a hub centric ring and slip on wheel spacer, these durable and lightweight spacers will extend the wheels out for a wider track, while also allowing the wheel to be hub centric to the vehicle. Available in several inner bore sizes to fit a wide variety of vehicles!

Link to product:




Coverage: 2016 Toyo Tires x Super Street – Car Meet & Calendar Launch SoCal Edition (2/2)

Closing out coverage from the Toyo Tires x Super Street car meet that was held a couple weeks ago.

Check out part 2 coverage below.


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Coverage: 2016 Toyo Tires x Super Street – Car Meet & Calendar Launch SoCal Edition (1/2)

A couple of weeks ago Boden Autohaus in Costa Mesa, California hosted their second annual Toyo Tires x Super Street – Car Meet & Calendar Launch event. Not much was promised besides calendars, models, and cars and all boxes were checked off accordingly. Calendars were being distributed and autographed by the lovely Toyo Tire models and lanyards were given out as a bonus. The cars that were on display did not disappoint. You’d see some cars that most pockets could afford and you’d see some cars that very few pockets could afford. Besides all the cars in the main lot, people brought out all types of cars.

Check out part 1 coverage below


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Happy Birthday High End!

Happy Birthday to High End Performance and Ben Abutin! His Kazama Auto Widebody RX7 rocks numerous parts from Tanabe, SSR Wheels and More Japan! For more information on this car, check the Superstreet article here.

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Will Nagisa Auto Seat Rails Fit My Bucket Seat?

When installing a bucket seat on your car, finding a proper seat rail is very important. With many manufacturers offering various styles of seats and sizes, offering a seat rail to fit your application can be tricky. Nagisa Auto offers a side mounted option that will fit most standard size buckets. With a mounting width from 380mm ~ 400mm, just measure the mounting width of your bucket seat (not the overall base width) and if your seat falls within the given range, the seat should fit without any issue. For available applications, check More Japan’s page for Nagisa seat rails here.

nams seat rail width


Hyper Rev Vol. # 202: Honda S2000 (no.8)

Published Date: January 30, 2016

The new Hyper Rev has just recently been published and for issue #202 the Honda S2000 gets even more featured items and guides from Japan’s top tuners and manufacturers.


Hyper Rev Volume Edition is a collection of vehicle specific performance upgrades for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) at that time period.

Hyper Rev also features project vehicles from Japan’s Top Tuners, showcasing some of latest products that will be available for the performance aftermarket.

Hyper Rev Volumes includes the latest in Body Styling, Interior Parts, Exterior Parts, Engine Parts, Exhaust Systems, Suspension Parts and Wheel Matching Guides.

*All Text Written in Japanese.

Volume Features :

-Appeal of the S2000

-Performance Products Guide

-Track Testing

-Wheel Catalog


Available for Pre-Order on More Japan! https://www.more-japan.com/hyper-rev-vol-202-honda-s2000-no-8.html


Imports@UCI 10th Annual Car Show


Make your calendars! Tanabe / SSR Wheels will be at the 10th Annual Imports@UCI Car Show. Be sure to stop by our booth to check our what’s on display and don’t forget to say hello!

Date: February 27th, 2016
Time: 9:00AM-2:00PM
Location: UCI Campus
More Info: Imports@UCI Event Page



SOLD! 2017 Acura NSX #001 Sells for 1.2 Million

How much would you pay for the first production #001 Acura NSX? Being number one means something to people sometimes and how many people can say they own the 2017 Acura NSX #001? Just one and it cost a whole lot of ones…about $1.2 million to be exact. Congratulations to the new owner, Rick Hendrick. Not only did he set the highest amount paid for a vehicle at the world renown Barret Jackson auction but the proceeds will be going to a good cause; “the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and Camp Southern Ground in Georgia, which focuses on at-risk kids, children of military families, and those with neurobehavioral disorders.” I applaud this commendable action and I’m glad to see all the media attention this event has gotten is with praise.


Photo Credit & Aritcle: AutoBlog.com

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