Autocon LA 2015

Autocon LA is less than 24 hours away so come check out some nice cars to start your weekend at the first big show of the year! Held at the Pomona Fairplex, get there early because the lines can get long! For pictures of some cars on SSR Wheels form last year’s Autocon, check here.


JUN Auto Performance Parts

JUN Auto Performance parts are made to optimize  your driving experience and maximize performance on select vehicles and will give you mad JDM points if you’re into that sort of thing!! But seriously, we all know that JUN makes some awesome stuff but not everyone knows where to get their parts. More Japan  if an official importer of JUN Auto parts so check out our site to see what they have available! They offer many types of parts from Engine internals, to chassis reinforcement parts and even aero parts and smaller accessories and fully built blocks.

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Get Ready for Round 2 of Formula Drift 2015


After the first round of Formula Drift 2015, held in Long Beach, California, the hype is huge going into the next round in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 8 and 9. SSR sponsored driver Chris Forsberg is currently in the top 10 of the overall standings and still has plenty of opportunities to place first this season, so we wish him the best of luck and hope he continues to give an exciting performance!

Check out this promo video for Formula Drift!





Formula Drift 2015 Long Beach – Offset Kings Coverage


With the first round of the 2015 Formula Drift season kicking off in Long Beach, it also marked the start of the show season here in Southern, California. In collaboration with Formula Drift, the guys from Fatlace host the Offset Kings car show which gives those in attendance the full experience. From drifting and all the vendors that surround it to the food trucks and the car show to check out between rounds.

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New Product: Tanabe 80mm Mid-Pipe for Nissan GT-R (R35)


PART #: T50146B
PRODUCT: Tanabe 80mm Mid-Pipe
APPLICATION: 2009-2014 Nissan GT-R (R35)
MSRP: $790.00


1024_GT-R_2 1024_GT-R_3


Do Not Buy Bride Backpacks!

Walking around car shows, seeing postings on social media, I see a lot of these Bride/Takata Backpacks floating around. I just wanted to get this out there that Bride does not offer any type of backpack like this and this is unlicensed product using fake Bride fabric and using the Bride Logo without permission. All of you guys out there that are buying these backpacks are doing the great disservice to the community. It’s things like this that make companies want to pack up and call it quits.

EDIT: This whole issue isn’t about being fake or not. The issue here is that someone is using two company’s trademarked logo without permission. And they are doing so to make merchandise to sell for their own profit. What is fake is the fabric that they are using. It is not authentic Bride material. Bride does offer the fabric in the US Market only but only for private use. The end user that is buying it can purchase the fabric to upholster their seat inserts, door panels, shift boots, etc. However, they do not allow the use of the fabric for merchandised use.

Check out these guys the I took pictures of from last weekend’s Formula Drift event. Funny thing is they also walked right in front of the Bride Booth with a representative from Bride Japan there present.fakebride-D.Vo.


Installation of Nagisa Auto Gacchiri Support for Civic EK

Cody from RennSpec recently installed some Nagisa Auto Gacchiri Supports (Fender Braces) on his Honda Civic EK and was nice enough to send us some images of the install and do a small write up for us. He had another brand’s fender brace installed previously but mentioned that it didn’t fit well and required drilling for the installation. Nagisa Auto’s Fender brace is a much easier install and requires no drilling for installation.

1. Enjoy Box

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Formula Drift 2015 Long Beach Trackside Coverage

IMG_5059The 2015 Formula Drift season has officially begun and with the end of just the first round it is impossible to say which one of these talented pro-drifters will win the championship! We’ve seen some underdog drivers pull ahead and quite a few unexpected upsets but definitely everyone has a chance to win the gold! Here are some shots we took during our time on the track!

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New Product: Tanabe Medalion Touring For 2014 Mazda 6


PART #: T70173A
PRODUCT: Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust*
APPLICATION: 2014 Mazda6
MSRP: $790.00
*Axle-back exhaust system





Formula Drift In The News

Did you catch SSR Wheels Sponsored Drive and Defending Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg on your Southern, California local news channel the other night?

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