Scion Tuner Challenge

There is a lot of hyp with the new Scion FRS Release Series 1.0 and Scion has picked this car for the annual Scion Tuner Challenge. Speedhunters, GT Channel and Superstreet have been chosen to participate in the contest, can’t wait to see these in person next week!

Check out specs and pictures here

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New Hyper Rev Volume #185 Nissan Silvia & 180sx

Just published Nissan Silvia & 180sx Hyper Rev. Vol# 185, Book No. 11 .

XHR0185 gallery pic



Feature: Toyota Sienna on Professor SP4

For this week’s feature we have Bobby’s nicely done Toyota Sienna on Professor SP4 in Titan Silver finish.

Feature: Toyota Sienna on Professor SP4
SSR Wheels: Professor SP4

AJ3 3992 gallery pic

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Just a teaser…

professor teaser gallery pic


A new SSR Professor wheel will be unveiled at this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas! Come stop by our booth to be one of the first to see the brand new wheel in person! We’re so excited to show off this new wheel but we will have to wait until next week…!




Black Ice G37

Some of us may have heard of something called black ice. Thin layers of ice that you don’t realize is there till it’s too late. You only realize that you’ve hit it when it’s usually too late and you’re rolling sideways off the side of the road. I’ve never seen it personally since we’re in LA so to me, it’s all a myth… sort of a like a unicorn.

Now you see here a Black G37. Being involved in the car show scene, I can tell you that the Infiniti Class is one of the most competitive classes out there. So many quality Infiniti builds are out there so it’s hard to tell one from the next aside from color and wheels. Especially since nowadays, shows are full of hardparkers. They get some wheels and stance their car out and they think they have a show car. You need the full package. Jared’s car is  a great example of one car that you stands out.

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Tanabe NF210 Springs Now Available Lexus IS250 F-Sport RWD (#TNF177)

Now Available and in stock, NF210 Springs for Lexus IS250 F-Sport RWD.  If you do not know about Tanabe Spring Technology check it out the in house manufacturing process and NF210 qualities.

image 8 gallery pic

image 9 gallery pic
Part# TNF177



NEW! SSR Hooded Sweatshirt

NEW Limited Edition SSR Hooded Sweatshirt. White SSR Logo on the front. SSR embroidery on the left sleeve. Limited Quantity!

SSR Hooded Sweatshirt
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XXLarge
Color: Black with White SSR logo, 5 color embroidered logo on left wrist
Price: $58.00
Store: More-Japan.com & SSR-Wheels.com

Show your pride in authentic, quality wheels even when you aren’t by your car with this SSR Wheels Hoodie. These hoodies are a limited run so make sure to place your order before they are gone forever!
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Store: More-Japan.com & SSR-Wheels.com


Supply & Demand

 gallery pic

Here is a pair of Lexus (Lexii??) GS and IS sitting on matching sets of SSR Professor SP4 wheels in Titan Silver!

via T-Demand




Authentic Bride Gias/Stradia Seats

The Bride Gias and Stradia seats are among some of the best quality seats on the market among the tuner crowd. We all know they they aren’t exactly low dollar and because of this the market is flooded with cheap, low quality made knock offs. It’s harder to tell the authentic from the fake ones apart but here are a common things I see. And remember there is no such thing as authentic Bride Canada or Bride Taiwan, there are only fakes if the seats are labeled as that type. Also, if the pricing is too good to be true, it probably is. These seats list for abotu $2000 each. and should not cost less than half that for a pair of them.

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Improve your Nissan Versa Note handling

Tanabe has been manufacturing products for over 20 years.  There are many dress up products out in the market.  However, Tanabe has manufacture products in which would benefit your vehicle.

Here is one of the latest applications that has released in to the market for the Nissan Versa.

TNF174 gallery pic

Sustec NF210 Springs lowers the vehicle to improve the center gravity of the vehicle to improve handling and NF210 springs does not sacrificing the ride quality.

TTB174F gallery pic

Sustec Tower Bar reduces the chassis from flexing from side to side, this improves that handling.  Also the tower is adjustable to preload, which means you can stiffing the two points of the chassis for even firm handling.

TUB174F gallery pic

Also, available is the Sustec Under Brace in which ties two or four points depending on vehicle.  This will reinforce the chassis from chassis normal flexing, which improves handling.

All 3 products (Sustec NF210 Springs, Sustec Tower Bar and Sustec Under Brace) are NOW Available for the Nissan Versa Note
Sustec NF210 Springs: Part# TNF174
Sustec Tower Bar: Part# TTB174F
Sustec Under Brace: Part# TUB174F






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