New Product: Tanabe Sustec Under Brace for 2014 Mazda 3 (5 Door)


PRODUCT: Tanabe Sustec Under Brace, Front
APPLICATION: 2014 Mazda 3 (5 Door)
MSRP: $118.00

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T-Demand Rocks SSR!

T-Demand is known for the amazing VIP builds they’re putting out there. Style is simple, yet makes a big impact! The suspension parts that they offer are some of the best quality parts out there and as for wheel of choice, they like to use SSR wheels because of the styling, heritage and build quality! Check out the pics below which all feature the latest in the Professor series lineup; the Professor TF1

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Clement’s S2000 on GTV02s

Clement sent us some pictures of his Honda S2000 that on GTV02 wheels in Phantom Silver and they compliment the SPA yellow color nicely! We’re glad that he’s having fun with his car on on the track and with a car that was made for exactly this type of thing. Thanks for the support Clement!

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New Product: Tanabe Sustec Strut Tower Bar for 2015 Subaru WRX & STI

PRODUCT: Tanabe Sustec Strut Tower Bar, Front
APPLICATION: 2015 Subaru WRX & 2015 Subaru STI
MSRP: $139.00

Tanabe Sustec Strut Tower Bar Installed on 2015 Subaru STI

Tanabe Sustec Strut Tower Bar Installed on 2015 Subaru WRX



SSR Wheels Disk Variations

Understanding Disk Variations.

What do we mean by, what sized disk?

Answer: On a multi-piece wheel, disk sizing takes precedence over offset sizing. Depending on your brake profile, it would determine which disk you would need to clear your brakes. In turn, it would determine your offset options as well as the lip size of the wheel. For example, if you were running a big brake kit (BBK) you may need to run the Hyper (HP) Disk to allow for clearance. That’s not to say all big brakes need HP to clear; some may get away with running a lower disk option.

*Pictured is the 18 inch chart for the Professor TF1. Numbers will vary depending on wheel model and size.

SL – Super Low Disk / NR – Normal Disk / MD – Medium Disk / HP – Hyper Disk

Finding the right sizing for your application.

Once you have an idea of wheel size and width you would like to run, we can then determine the disk size which would maximize your lip sizing. Typically, as far as width sizing and and offsets go, we recommend keeping them within factory specifications.

*If you need any assistance on selecting the right sizing for your application, please contact one of our authorized dealers or contact us directly.


ATI EZ Pod for S Chassis!

Need to a ccouple gauges in your Nissan S chassis but want an easy solution other than the pillar mounted pods? Auto Tech Interiors offers a quick mounting solution for you! The EZ pod is designed to sit directly on top of the stock steering column. It maintains tilt and swivel features for easy adjustment. The contour is perfect and uses double sided tape to secure on the original steering column. This eZPod is a dual fixed gauge pod. Many other applications in stock and available now on More Japan!

S13 EZpod1s13 ezpod


FD2 Madness!

For those of you that aren’t into Honda cars, the FD2 is the Japanese version of an 06′-11′ (8th generation) Honda Civic Sedan. Even though it is a 4-door sedan, the FD2 is a commonly raced and modified car in Japan, with some even competing in the Super Taikyu series! And what better wheel to race with than a SSR Wheel!

In this case, these super Civics used our Type-F wheels (now discontinued) and boy did they look good.

First up is the KCG.EDU car. Personally one of my favorites. It’s very simple, yet it’s a total purpose-built race car. honda-civic-ssr-typef

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Tanabe Exhaust Replacement Gaskets & Accessories


Looking to get replacement gaskets for your Tanabe exhaust system? They are available in many configurations depending on pipe diameter and gasket shapes on More-Japan!

Also available are Tanabe accessories: lanyards, license plate frames, stickers, and coilover spanner wrench.



Going Green for St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Not wearing any green?
Tired of getting pinched?
Why not get a Tanabe Medalion Exhaust for your Hybrid and get your green to-go!

Check out the list of applications which we offer an exhaust for below.

Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust for 2010-2013 Honda Insight (PART# T70148A)

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Tanabe Medalion Touring for 2015 Honda Fit!

You read that right! Tanabe has released a new exhaust for the 2015 Honda Fit GK!

With 50mm piping splitting into two shiny 80mm tips.T70185AMade of SUS304 Stainless steel, this axleback exhaust is a direct bolt-on and is sure to give you the deeper tone you’ve been looking for. The Medalion Touring exhausts are still quiet nonetheless, maintaining a noise level below 93 decibels!

T70185A_Honda_Fit_instAnd the list price is only $520.00! Be the first of your friends to have the new T70185A Medalion Touring Exhaust for the 2015 Honda Fit!

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